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Something about me ...
A little about me…

Who am I?

As the name of the website suggests my name is Paul Turner and I am an Internet Marketer based in a small town in Lancashire called Skelmersdale.

I worked in the IT industry for a number of years in support roles before realising my passion was working online. My journey started with small personal websites, local forums and clan gaming websites. I then experimented with niche related websites with the intention of ranking them and hopefully making a small amount of money.

Fast forward a few years and I am now in a very fortunate position whereby I work for myself earning a small income through my websites that pretty much run on auto-pilot. I have also been lucky enough to have helped several local businesses get ahead online over the years by helping them rank higher in the search engines and by helping their websites convert better which has increased business.


I create websites

I am self-taught with many of the skills I know without having to learn any coding languages fully.

There are many free tools online to help you create great websites. WordPress is one such tool and is used by over 17% of websites on the internet and I use it for most of the websites that I create.

With thousands of free plugins and themes and many great and affordable developers for any custom requirements WordPress really is fantastic for creating great websites.

They convert

There is no point in having a website if nobody knows how to find it.

Most of the websites that I build have the same goals in mind when creating them. They are designed to provide useful information for the visitors, obviously they must rank well in the search engines or nobody will find them and one of the other goals I have in mind is for them to convert my visitors to a sale or a lead.

Many of the websites I build are designed to earn me an income or to boost rankings.

The 4 hour week

I remember reading a book from an Internet Marketer a few years ago called the 4 hour work week. It is by Tim Ferris who was making a great living online and only worked 4 hours each week. He was traveling the world, learning new skills and taking up new hobbies all over the world.

The idea behind Tim’s story inspired me to get into Internet Marketing and to potentially earn money even while I slept.

I currently work more than 4 hours a week but I’m well on the way with my internet journey and finally look forward to the rest of my life and the future this journey will give me.

So, why this website?

I have been lucky enough to have learned from some amazing people online who have shared their knowledge with me personally and given me much of their valuable time.

I don’t take on clients anymore but I do still occasionally help a local business or two each year to get ahead online for free. I also share what I have learned with other marketers looking to earn an living online.

This website shares some of my previous projects and experiences I had while helping those local companies. I also share some of my own thoughts and ideas on my blog.