Six Healthy Snacks for Energy at the Office

If you skipped breakfast to get to work on time, it won’t be long before the office vending machine’s candy bar selection seems to be calling your name. How to resist? Keep the snacks listed below on hand to boost your energy level without guilt.

1. Go nuts for nuts. From almonds to cashews, nuts are crunchy with healthy fats and fabulous flavor.

2. Chomp on a reduced fat cheese stick. Keep a stack in the office refrigerator for a protein boost. No refrigerator? Wrap one in aluminum foil the night before at home, and then tote it with you for your mid-morning treat.

3. Vegetables spread with peanut butter. Keep a jar of peanut butter at the office. Each weekend, clean and chop a variety of vegetables, from carrots to raw zucchini to celery. Take a plastic container full each morning for a crunchy, munch-worthy snack.

4. Pep up with popcorn. Look for a microwave brand that’s low in salt and added fats. With no refrigeration required, stock up when a microwave popcorn sale hits, and you’ll feel smugly prepared to fulfill your popcorn cravings at work.

5. Protein bar basics: Energy bars abound these days, but it’s important to avoid the ones that are overloaded with sugar and underwhelming when it comes to the protein content. Look for low-sugar, high protein bars. For a health bonus, seek options that contain fiber.

6. Cereal: It’s not just for breakfast anymore. When it’s raining and depressing outside, a warm bowl of oatmeal in the mid-afternoon can provide the perfect energizer. Keep plain, unsweetened individual oatmeal packs in your office drawer along with dried fruits. Microwave and then mix in a small serving of dried apricots, apples or plums for the perfect workday snack.

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Six Healthy Snacks for Energy at the Office

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