Proper A/B Testing to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Online Ad Campaign


Online advertising is essential to any successful marketing strategy. The biggest problem most new advertisers face is how to determine what ads are working and what ads are simply wasting money. When A/B testing is done correctly, the ad or ad group that is resulting in the most conversions will end up on top. If A/B testing isn’t done, you aren’t going to be able to figure out what is working and what is turning potential customers away.

Start with Your First Ad

Online ads are short, and every word counts. You’ll get about 150 characters for copy, a headline and a small picture. Consider that your first ad is comprised of these three parts. Your message needs to be precise, getting your point across in as few characters as possible. Create an ad and let it run. This ad becomes the ad you label A and begin to test new ads against to see which is more effective.

Tweak the First Ad Slightly

Only make a small change to your first ad. You should only change one aspect. Change either a word or two in the copy, the headline, or change the picture. This ad is now your B ad. Allow both ads to run at the same time. Measure the ROI on both ads, and check your website traffic. The ad that is more effective at drawing the attention of potential customers and creating a sales conversion is the better ad. The better ad now becomes the A ad, and the other ad can be put aside.

Make Another Small Change in the A Ad

Change the most productive ad once again, but only change the picture, headline or copy. Once again, allow both ads to run simultaneously over several days. You will be able to determine which ad is more effective by looking at conversions and click-through rates. The ad that is getting the most attention from potential clients is the ad you want to invest money in.

Each time you want to make a change to an ad in your marketing plan, take this step by step approach. While it may feel tedious to A/B test your ads frequently, this is the best way to reduce marketing costs. It’s easy to waste your entire marketing budget on showing ads that aren’t leading to conversions. The only way to test if an ad is working is to test it against a second ad that is similar. Pay attention to your marketing by doing frequent A/B testing on any ads you publish to the internet.

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Paul Turner
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Proper A/B Testing to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Online Ad Campaign

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