Great Bars to Visit in Alicante

When you’re looking for a great place to grab a nice drink when visiting Spain, you will find that the city of Alicante offers a few great options for travellers. You’ll find a variety of options in the city, including Soho Mar, La Roneria, and Cafe Bar Destino. If you’re on a budget, the Soho Mar is a great option and its located next to the marina and offers some great views.

Soho Mar

Located near the main port in Alicante, Soho Mar is the perfect spot to relax with a drink. It has a laidback, Mediterranean atmosphere, but is also stylish and fun. While it can get expensive for a full night, the service is excellent and the bartenders are courteous and professional. It also has one of the best views of the marina in the city. The view is particularly beautiful during sunset.

Soho Mar alicante

Soho Mar offers food for guests and they also cater for small functions. They also have a great selection of cocktails on offer if you are out for the day and there are plenty of other attractions nearby like the casino which is located a about 200 yards from the bar. The bar is also situated near to the beach, the Melia hotel, shops and restaurants and if you fancy a great walk, the Santa Bárbara Castle.

Cafe Bar Destino

If you want to enjoy the best drinks and live music in Alicante, head to Cafe Bar Destino. This lively bar offers a variety of beers and cocktails. It also has an ambiance that is warm and welcoming. It is an ideal place to spend time with friends and family. You can also check out Sala Stereo, which is a quirkily decorated bar that often hosts concerts and major theatre performances.

Cafe Bar Destino alicante

You can also try out one of the city’s best nightlife spots, the Marmarela Mediterranean Cocktail Bar. This bar is also located near the marina and offers a laid-back Mediterranean vibe. The drink menu is extensive and the staff are friendly. The bar is a popular destination for locals and tourists, who come here to enjoy the lively nightlife and live acts. It features a great atmosphere with high-quality music, a diverse crowd, and great drinks.

Red Corner Sports Bar

Located in the city center, Red Corner Sports Bar is a good place to watch your favorite live sports if you can’t handle a few days without watching the football. There are multiple large screen TVs and a great outdoor terrace for watching the games. The drinks and snacks are cheap, and the service is friendly. The bar offers basic pub fare as well as a full English breakfast.

Red Corner Sports Bar

The bar offers good quality drinks and live music on Fridays with a great atmosphere. The bar is very popular among football fans from all over the EU and UK. It is also a popular hangout for music lovers and a great place to get chatting to both locals and tourists.

La Roneria

The central market in Alicante is an endless source of entertainment, especially on weekends. The town’s bars offer an endless supply of beer and tapas. You can also catch plenty of local Spanish music while exploring this vibrant city.

La Roneria alicante

A great place to check out is La Roneria Resto Bar in Alicante. This unique bar offers a great atmosphere and is great for catching up with friends and family while enjoying delicious food and drinks.

The menu at La Roneria Resto Bar is a mixture of Spanish and international dishes. Besides the usual tapas dishes, you can enjoy a cheese fondue, Caesar salad, fruitcake, cheesecake, and more. You can also enjoy wine, beer and tapas at the bar.

Hotel Hospes

I would recommend spending a few nights in Alicante as there is plenty to see and do. If you do fancy a few nights here and enjoy living life to the full and like to be pampered why not try the luxurious boutique style hotel in the center of Alicante, the Hospes Amerigo. This historic property, originally a Dominican convent, was recently renovated as a five-star hotel. The rooms are elegant and offer free WiFi, flat-screen satellite TV, and DVD players. Some rooms even feature abstract silk paintings.

Hospes Amerigo alicante


The hotel has two restaurants. The Monastrell restaurant features international cuisine, while the Lobby Bar offers local dishes. The hotel is located around a 20-minute walk from Alicante’s railway station. You can also visit the historic castle of Santa Barbara which is just a short journey away.