How to Manage and Reduce Anxiety


If you are living with a level of anxiety that stops you from forming social relationships, advancing your career or living on your terms, you are not alone. Many people from around the world struggle with anxiety each day, and most are unsure of how to approach the problem in a way that lets them take control of their lives. No matter who you are, you don’t need to let anxiety control you, and although it might seem impossible, you can take steps to relax and to calm yourself down. By learning to control your emotional state, you will have much more freedom to do the things you enjoy.


When your No. 1 goal is to combat the symptoms of anxiety, starting an effective meditation routine can get you moving in the right direction. Meditation will help you focus and center your thoughts and calming yourself down and focusing on your goals will become that much easier. For 10 minutes each day, you can sit in a quiet room and focus your attention on a single point on the wall. Taking slow and deep breaths, allow your thoughts to fade away, relaxing each muscle in your body. At first, keeping your mind free from thoughts will be difficult, but as you remain committed to your meditation routine, staying focused will come naturally.


Starting a light exercise routine is another powerful way to get your anxiety under control. When you work out, your body will start to produce more of the hormones that regulate your mood and promote a sense of well-being. To get the best results, the type of exercise that you choose will need to increase your heart rate for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Some individuals prefer to go for a short run or jog each day, but others like to swim a few laps at their local pool. If you are not sure whether you are healthy enough to start a new workout routine, always check with your doctor.


At this point, we are going to focus on overcoming your fears one at a time, and when it’s done properly, you will enjoy impressive results. Some people try to face their worst fears at the start of their journey, which is not wise. If you try to do too much right away, you will probably stress yourself out. Rather than overcoming your fears all at once, take small steps outside of your comfort zone. For example, if you dread social interactions, determine where your comfort zone ends and push yourself slightly beyond it. You can start by working on eye contact, and when you get comfortable with looking people in the eyes, verbally greet them. This method can be applied to any fear that you might have.

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Even though living with anxiety can be challenging, you have the capacity to enhance your enjoyment of life. Working out and meditating will help you to focus and relax, and taking small steps out of your comfort zone each day will build courage. The most important factor is for you to keep making progress, and you will earn a level of freedom that you once thought impossible.

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How to Manage and Reduce Anxiety

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