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Spring time has finally arrived and this year is looking very promising indeed. Life is good and what better way to celebrate than with a new website offering from me!

I decided to put this website back together with a new design and to showcase some of the projects I have worked on for local businesses in Skelmersdale and the surrounding area’s.

Many of them have had poor experiences with shady companies in the past that were just out to take their hard earned money without delivering any return on their investment. All of the work on here has been done for free by myself in order to help them get a solid footing online by increasing their web presence and hopefully increasing business for them along the way. I have enjoyed working with them all and get great satisfaction from helping them realise the potential of the internet and to restore their faith a little with online marketers.

I don’t offer my services to the public anymore but do try to help out a local business or two each year get started online. If you would like to be considered drop me an email with details about your project and some information about your business and target audience and I will contact you back and add you to my shortlist if suitable.

The other reason for this website is to share some of my ideas and thoughts going forward. I now run my own business as an internet marketer and I make money through affiliate websites that I build and rank online. I promote different companies products and services through these websites and I earn a revenue from the conversions and sales.

I had a few years off working online but I’m back now and once again realise the passion and the knack I have for this type of work. The future is bright and I look forward to sharing my journey with you in 2017 🙂

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Paul Turner
My name is Paul Turner and I am from a small town called Skelmersdale in Lancashire. I work as an internet marketer building and ranking websites that promote products and services for companies which earn me a commission. I have over 10 years experience in the IT industry and worked in numerous roles in and around the Skelmersdale area. is my personal blog website and all views are my own :)

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